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The Six G.O.L.D. Keys to Well-Being


Discover new tools and and techniques to help you regain your inner sense of calm and improve your health with simple, everyday habits for support on your well-being journey.

Do you find that your stress is affecting your physical health and emotional well-being? Do you desire more fulfillment and balance in your life? Do you want to experience more peace? You're not alone. Stress is one of the biggest epidemics in our modern lives and the pages within this transformational book hold the keys for you to unlock greater levels of happiness, health, and well-being. 

In this book wellness coach and mindfulness expert Alisha Leytem will help you to unlock the six keys that make up a well-being. You'll discover:

  • The Six G.O.L.D. Keys to Well-Being framework that can rapidly improve your life.

  •  Down-to-earth and practical tools that will easily fit into your lifestyle and help you to live with more ease.

  • Powerful meditations, affirmations, journaling prompts, and healthy living tips all broken down into concepts that are easy to understand and implement. 

  • How to integrate this framework into new habits and mindset shifts that will turn your life into G.O.L.D.! 


Wherever you find yourself on your wellness journey there is something in this book for you. I invite you to be the change and start bringing more attention, awareness, and action to the collective well-being of our future. You hold the keys to unlocking your best self… are you ready to open the door? 

The Six G.O.L.D. Keys to Well-Being

Receive the G.O.L.D. Keys Master Resource Guide FREE when you purchase the book! This guide includes:

  1. Access to take the corresponding book assessment, The Six G.O.L.D. Keys to Well-Being Assessment and receive your personal well-being score! This will give you specific insight for which key to begin unlocking in the book.
  2. A list of direct links to all recommended tools for each of the six keys.
  3. A Spotify playlist for each key.
  4. Guided meditation audios from meditation scripts in the book.
  5. Yoga videos, book recommendations, podcast recommendations and more!

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