Partner with an Alisha Leytem Well-Being corporate retreat for a powerful weekend of interactive workshops to reconnect, refocus, and reenergize your well-being journey. Alisha will guide your team through a proven process to unlock your well-being and live in harmony with your most calm and focused self.

Most work environments are so hectic that employees forget to prioritize themselves, which is an essential part of being a productive and high-performing team member. Our corporate retreats bring to life The Six G.O.L.D. Keys to Well-Being framework to facilitate an educational and immersive experience for attendees.

Leveraging a combination of instructor-led experiences, small group exercises, and nature therapy participants will experience an awakening in their personal well-being in order to show up as their best self for those around them over a multiple day retreat. The goal of the retreats are to help each person feel better so they can perform better professionally and feel more satisfied in their personal lives.

"As mindful leaders we can transform fear into hope and possibility, and move toward creating a life of more meaning and satisfaction."

- Marc Lesser

Retreat, Recharge, and Renew Your Team

In a tranquil environment, provide your team with the growth experiences of a lifetime, and see the lasting effects upon your return to the office.

Our retreats include customized interactive workshops to facilitate a personal transformation in an invigorating, yet restorative way.

Choose the location for your team: Galena, Illinois, Kickapoo Valley, Wisconsin or your location of choice within the U.S.

"67% of all workers say the pandemic has worsened employee burnout." 

- Indeed, 2021

The 2021 Indeed study on the impact of the pandemic on employee burnout:  

  • 27% of all workers are unable to unplug from work
  • 53% virtual or work-from-home workers are working longer hours than they did when in the office
  • Onsite workers are working 27% more on a daily basis than pre-Covid
  • 39% of all workers say they check emails outside of regular work hours every day

When comparing data from their 2019 pre-Covid survey with their 2021 survey, the 2021 Indeed analysis reported that feelings of burnout have increased during Covid for Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. 43% of the respondents experienced burnout in the 2019 study, and it increased to 52% during Covid in February 2021. Pre-Covid statistics show burnout attributes to an estimated amount of 300 billion per year in the workplace total cost, and it became worse as a result of Covid.

Burnout is so prevalent that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it an occupational phenomenon in its standard for diagnostic health information. Employee well-being is an inherent responsibility of organizations — not only is creating solutions for burnout the right thing to do, but it is also essential for engaging and retaining top talent.

Giving managers support to reduce stress, refine purpose, and bolster their leadership skills is an essential action in order for teams and companies to thrive. 

61% of US employees believe that in ten years, workers will not settle for companies that do not prioritize their happiness and wellbeing.

All The Tools Your Team Needs To Manage Stress and Prioritize Rejuvenation 

Companies are saving big each year on costs related to healthcare and employee turnover. Companies such as Accenture, Google, Microsoft, and SAS are successfully implementing wellness programs. 

Mindful living practices are proven to reduce stress and burnout, while promoting productivity and creativity.  Aetna estimates that productivity gains alone amounted to $3,000 per employee, an 11-to-one return on its investment, following the introduction of a mindfulness program. 

By partnering with Alisha Leytem Well-Being for The Six G.O.L.D. Keys to Well-Being Retreat, your team will learn wellness and mindfulness practices that will benefit them not only in the workplace, but in their personal lives at home.

Leave With Practical Advice and A Powerful Experience

  • Company retreats create strong bonds that improve communication and teamwork in the workplace. 
  • Team members will feel that they reconnected with their team, happy about who they work with and what they are doing together. 
  • Retreats get you out of your normal routine. New settings activate creativity!  
  • Investing in the happiness of your team and allowing them to have transformative experiences will make them feel valued. 
  • A team retreat is a unique and effective way to fuel employee happiness. 
  • Taking care of your team members’ happiness can improve the culture of your organization. 

Give your team the experience of a lifetime to create lasting transformation and growth. 

Alisha Leytem Well-Being retreats offers your team the chance to learn stress management practices and tools they can use to check in with themselves and regulate their nervous systems in order to manage their own stress levels on a daily basis and help your team work more efficiently together.


 Our retreat offers attendees an opportunity to reclaim their wellness within by immersing themselves in yoga practices, nature mindfulness sessions, and guided meditations.


Attendees are sure to leave the retreat feeling realigned, recharged, and better equipped to handle personal and professional stresses that present themselves in the future.

"The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results."

- Tony Robbins

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