S2 E25: FREE WEBINAR "Leading Well-Being Strategies for 2023" with Michael + Alisha Leytem

Season #2

Mapping out your 2023 well-being strategies and not sure where to start beyond the classic “step challenge, meditation apps, and wellness committees?” (Which won’t create lasting change or get to the root of the problem, by the way).

We made this free training for you! Combining I/O psychology with Michael Leytem CEO of Catching Leadership and well-being with Alisha Leytem Wellness to share with you in this 28 min audio training:

1. The Role of the Organization and the Individual

2. How Companies Can Create a Culture of Well-Being

3. How to Measure Organizational Well-Being

4. How Leaders Can Role Model Well-Being for Their Teams

5. Three Well-Being Strategies to get Started with in 2023

Share with a colleague! And if you are a leader wanting to do what you can for your teams stress load…. This is for you too.

Resources mentioned:

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Michael has been a talent management consultant and leadership coach since 2011. He has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 leaders to customize talent strategies and leadership solutions that drive personal and organizational growth. As a published academic with an M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Michael has studied the mental processes and social pressures that influence effective leadership. His life-long passion for leadership, psychology, and mindfulness transcends throughout his work and interactions with others.

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Alisha Leytem is a wellness coach, author, speaker, wife, mom and Founder of Alisha Leytem Wellness. She delivers keynotes, leads workshops, hosts corporate wellness retreats, and coaches professionals across the globe to create lasting changes in their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Alisha entered the wellness space in 2012 when she launched a healthy living blog and became a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Wellness Coach from the Mayo Clinic. Alisha published her book, The Six G.O.L.D. Keys to Well-Being: A Guide to Unlocking a Healthy and Happy Life in 2022. Alisha lives in the midwest and can be found at home cooking or hiking in the woods with her family. 

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