Strategically Improve The Well-Being Of Your Workforce

Using a combination of interviews, focus groups and assessments, we will analyze the current state of your workforce well-being. The Well-Being Audit offers new insights on how to strategically build a workplace well-being culture: what to do for your unique organization, where to start, and how to effectively measure progress. Together we will co-create a well-being strategy tailored to your organization. 

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The Well-Being Audit Includes:

  • Interviewing Middle Managers, ET and Employees
  • Focus Group For Leaders (What is our well-being vision? Who do we want to become? What are our values?) 
  • Assess current well-being metrics
  • Review current job descriptions regarding well-being behaviors
  • Includes final report and recommendations for next steps and overall strategy
  • Final presentation readout

"Michael and Alisha are a dynamite team. Alisha is a steady, knowledgeable and warm guide to finding your own best self care practices. I highly recommend taking a workshop with her. And Michael has a deep breath of knowledge alongside a compassionate and passionate heart for team and leadership building. He will bring out the best in you and your team. Together they bring a balanced and rare combination of skills, mind, heart, empathy, and self care that will help you and your team soar."

Workshop Attendee

The Well-Being Audit For The Current State Of Your Workforce's Well-Being:

  • What is currently working for your organization
  • The biggest challenges and obstacles your organization faces regarding well-being - spoken straight from your leaders and employees
  • The level of psychological safety your organization currently exhibits
  • An overall rating for how well your company supports mental health and well-being for employees and managers
  • What you should be tracking to support well-being improvement
  • The best recommended next steps to improve your culture and become a place that current talent will want to stay and attract new talent in

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Are you interested in the Well-Being Audit? Book a call here to talk more or send an email to book directly [email protected]