Alisha Leytem Well-Being Coaching


Alisha Leytem Well-Being offers wellness coaching "office hours" sessions for organizations.

Prior to each individual session, the client will fill out a short questionnaire where they can list out their questions and intentions ahead of time. 

Each session is 30 minutes long and is customized to fit the unique needs of each person who signs up for the session. The session topics can include:

  1. Help identifying and eliminating stress triggers.
  2. A highly personalized action plan/resources to manage and handle stress.
  3. Guidance on communicating well-being needs at work and getting proper support
  4. Support with establishing healthier habits (sleep, eating, exercise, stress management and more).
  5. Guidance on mindset work around self-care, mental health, boundaries, self-talk, etc.   
  6. Direction on how to feel healthier, more calm, at ease and happy at work and home.

The well-being coaching office hours service includes:

  • 20, 30 minute sessions per month for 3 months
  • Offered at a Quarterly rate


Alisha Leytem has been a well-being coach and teacher for over a decade. She has worked with thousands of people across the globe guiding them to achieve their health and wellness goals for a better quality of life both personally and professionally with her customized coaching, transformational teachings, and nature-based wellness retreats. After studying with industry leaders Gabby Bernstein, Wayne Dyer, Brad Yates and Joe Dispenza to improve her own health and well-being, she uses her experience to support others by combining her passions for healthy living, mindfulness and authentic leadership throughout her work.

Alisha began her career in the wellness industry in 2012 when she became a Certified Wellness Coach through the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. At the same time, she became a yoga and meditation teacher and spent several years teaching yoga classes, leading group meditations, and teaching wellness workshops. She began coaching individuals on their own well-being and started working with executives - one of her first coaching clients was the CEO of a consulting firm. In the 10+ years since, Alisha has had valuable experience facilitating transformational coaching for people of all walks of life.


In 2018 Alisha founded her own company, Alisha Leytem Well-Being. Today she is a Culture and Well-Being Consultant and Coach, Mindfulness Expert and Author of The Six Gold Keys to Well-Being: A Guide to Unlocking a Healthy and Happy Life. She consults companies in designing custom well-being programs, is a keynote speaker, a well-being coach, and facilitates wellness and leadership retreats in nature to support organizations to create lasting changes in their workforce well-being. Alisha is also the Chief Mindfulness Officer for Catching Leadership, facilitating the power of mindfulness for better leadership.

Alisha strongly believes that when you feel better, you lead better and true leadership begins with self-leadership. Alisha brings in elements of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique, Rapid Resolution Therapy and her own framework The Six Gold Keys to Well-Being, to help her clients overcome obstacles and unlock the blocks to living a balanced, centered, healthy and happy life.

Wherever you find yourself on your leadership journey, I invite you to be the change and start bringing more attention, awareness, and action to the collective well-being of our future. You hold the keys to unlocking your best self... are you ready to open the door?

"One of my leaders told me: ‘This is the first time in my career that I’ve had the chance to try and make myself better, rather than the numbers better.’ I really appreciate your help and you are the perfect person to reach my team."

- V.P. of Finance

"Working together has been incredible and I’ve been telling literally everyone about how big of a transformation I’ve gone through over the last few months! It feels like I’m doing less but getting so much more done. Not only have I made big life changes but the small things in my life have shifted— I run 2.5 miles a day and I couldn’t run for 2 minutes a few months ago. I have been cooking at home for 2 months now (I usually eat out everyday). I meditate and journal regularly now and it’s so cool! THANK YOU!"

- Vice President and Co-Founder

"Before working with Alisha, I felt that mindfulness was another task for me to complete. Now I have a greater awareness of how I’m feeling in the moment, which allows me to stay true to my word instead of speaking from a place of frustration or anger. I have changed the way I think about meditation and mindfulness!"

- Resident Sound Director

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B.A. Communication Studies and Entrepreneurship, University of Iowa

Nonprofit Leadership Certification, Minnesota State University

Certified Wellness Coach, Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development

Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Guide, & Reiki Practitioner


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"Thank you for working with me, Alisha! I gained the confidence I was looking for without fear or holding back and I got the new job and raise that I wanted! I’m super happy with our coaching together."

- HR Coordinator