S2 E28: The 2 Minute Morning Mindfulness Practice That Will Improve Your Mood and Relationships

Season #2

The 2 minute morning mindfulness practice that will improve your mood and relationships (that is not meditation, breathwork or journaling…)

Pre-motherhood I used to be able to spend 1-2 hours each morning doing my mindfulness practices. 😅 That was amazing at that stage in my life but now I have a toddler and am running a business! Now I am lucky if I get 1-2 minutes. 🙏🏼

In this episode I share the tool I use every single morning and it helps improve my mood and my mindset that you can take action on right away! 

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The Six Gold Keys to Well-Being Free Assessment: https://mnsumankatopsych.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3kpTEcsnjePRVlk

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